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Legal Help For Administrators Of A California Trust

If your loved one had the foresight to create a trust, those assets bypass the probate process. This simplifies and streamlines the transfer of wealth to the next generation of the family. However, trust administration has a separate set of duties and can be complex or confusing for those who are unfamiliar with it.

If you have been named as a trust administrator (the “trustee”), you can turn to the Law Office of Cheryl A. Forbes for experienced guidance. Located in Red Bluff, we assist people throughout Tehama County and the North State with all facets of trust administration and related duties of probate/estate administration.

Administering A Trust Is More Involved Than You Think

People have a misconception that with a trust the administrator doesn’t need to do anything. While it’s true that you are not burdened with probate proceedings, there are certain legal requirements and details to attend to. I have practiced law for 30 years, including extensive experience with trust administration and assisting trustees. As an estate planning lawyer, I am well versed in setting up various types of trusts and — just as importantly — what happens when the settlor (the creator of the trust, who is sometimes called a trustor or grantor) passes away and the trust provisions that become applicable.

You may need to address:

  • Marshaling and valuing the trust assets
  • Notifying heirs, beneficiaries and other parties
  • Paying debts and expenses
  • Filing tax returns for the trust
  • Managing investments of the trust
  • Accounting and reporting requirements
  • Making disbursements from the trust

Let’s Get You Set Up For Trust Administration

Administering a trust is generally easier and less formal than probate and estate administration. Usually, after I sit down with clients and show them the ropes, they can manage on their own. However, there is a steep learning curve, and it is crucial that you adhere to the particular protocols of the trust and comply with state and federal regulations. Working with an experienced trust administration attorney on the front end will spare you from many headaches and legal entanglements.

Start with a free consultation. I can answer your questions about trusts and estate plans and help you hit the ground running in your trust administration duties. I am Cheryl A. Forbes. Call my Red Bluff office at 530-527-7500 or contact me online.